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Baer EradiSpeed-Plus Two Rear Brake Upgrade
Baer EradiSpeed-Plus Two Rear Brake Upgrade

Price: 675.00

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EradiSpeed-PLUS-TWO™ features the same elements as the Plus-One Systems in a lighter weight 2-Piece design utilizing NAS stainless hardware and installs WITHOUT BLEEDING!

2-Piece (aluminum hat and iron disc) rotors provide LITE™* direct replacement for OE applications
INCREASED DIAMETER rotor upgrade systems employing OEM calipers
Increased rotor diameter = greater leverage and improved brake torque
Rotors are LARGER than the OE units they replace and are designed for use with larger than stock wheels.
Includes specialized caliper hardware to properly accommodate installation
Are always directional with curved vanes.
Feature crossdrilled, slotted and zinc coated surfaces!

* LITE™ is Baer’s Trademark denotes “Low Inertia-Thermally Efficient” two-piece rotors used in various Baer offerings