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Magnaflow 2011 Mustang 5.0L 3
Magnaflow 2011 Mustang 5.0L 3" Race X-Pipe w/ High Flow Cats

Price: 804.15

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Magnaflow's Tru-X X-pipe will give your 2011 Mustang GT a vast performance improvement over the stock H-pipe. This catted midpipe gives your car a cleaner sound and lower emissions than a standard X-pipe.

Easy installation. The Tru-X X-pipe is designed as a bolt-on modification to your exhaust system. No cutting or welding is required.

Ceramic catalytic converters. The design of the cats means better heat dispersion, and the internal coating cleans the exhaust, while maximizing flow-through rate.

Durable construction. The Tru-X X-pipe 3" diameter is consistent throughout the length of the pipe, even at bend points. What does this mean? Excellent flow-through from the cats to the muffler flanges, which results in increased horsepower where it counts - at the rear wheels, not robbed from the engine by a restrictive exhaust.

Hardware included:

(4) stainless steel band clamps
(4) exhaust flange bolts