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Kenne Bell 2.6L (Intercooled) 8-13PSI Kit for '05-UP 4.6L 3V
Kenne Bell 2.6L (Intercooled) 8-13PSI Kit for '05-UP 4.6L 3V

Price: 5800.00

Stock: Available




- Big increase in HP & torque - EVERYWHERE - not just at peak rpm.
- No boost drop off at higher rpm.
- Does not depend on engine rpm to generate more boost.
- Fat flat torque curve.
- Lower gears not necessary.
- Bar and plate intercooler.
- “Two pass” heat exchanger.
- Available intercooled (8-9 psi) or non-intercooled (5 psi).
- Upgradeable from non-intercooled to intercooled.
- Manual or auto trans.
- 39lb injectors (60lb optional). Cals available for both.
- Cooler air charge temperature.
- 60°-80° cooler air charge temp and requires 10-16 less HP to drive than Roots type*
- Looks factory. Mounts on top of engine.
- Forward facing. Drive and pulleys are in front of engine.
- All necessary hardware included.
- All major components are assembled and tested.
- Available in black/satin or polished.
- Serviceable. Supercharger can be rebuilt in U.S.
- Best step by step instructions in the industry.